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Our Company Expands Overseas Market under the Support of the Belt and Road Initiative

Issuing time:2019-07-03 17:17

After upgrading research and development for decades, our company breaks technical bottleneck and our glass CNC equipments are featured as high intelligence, advanced workmanship, high benefit, and easy operation. The products are exported to mainland and Taiwan. At the same time, it has explored overseas markets since 2016 and become popular among foreign customers.

In recent years, President Xi has launched the Belt and Road Initiative, which recieved positive responses from many countries, and created many opportunities to Chinese enterprises. Fujian launched a series of policy to support foreign trade and help enterprises explore diversified international markets in 2018. Facing new international trade situation, our company comes to an agreement that relying on domestic market cant meet the development trend of the company, but to focus on new zones. Thus, we decided to participate in the Belt and Road Initiative, grasp the best opportunity to export products to emerging markets, like Afica, Latin America and ASEM and spare no efforts to expand overseas markets.

In the process of exploring overseas markets, we regard attending exhibitions as an important way to enter international markets. We are close to overseas customers through this platform. At the exhibition, we welcome regular clients, learn about international situations, and explore new business vision. Besides, we know the popular trend of products and meet new or potential customers. We are invited to many comprehensive and professional exhibitions in 2018. For example, China (Beijing/Guangzhou) International Building Decoration Fair, China International Glass Industrial Technical Exhibition, Düsseldorf Glass Industry Exhibition (Germany), Istanbul International Glass Door and Window Curtain Exhibition(Turkey), Russia International Glass Industry Exhibition, Fuzhou 618 Straits Project Achievements Fair, India zak International Glass Industry Exhibition, Vietnam International Glass Industry Exhibition and so on.

Meanwhile, our company further improves the ability to upgrade products through exhibitions and technical communications, as well as management. Although research and development of our products progress synchronously or even forwardly with international level, the glass products belong to cultural and artistic products. Different cultures have different influences on glass processing. To meet requirements of international markets, we established one-to-one customized production mode. We produce standard products in accordance with different countries, areas, ethnics, and processing criterion to meet personalized requirements.

In the process of entering into target markets, improving after-sale services and expanding overseas markets, we set a good company image, and the recognition of products in the international market continues to increase. Except for engaging in exhibitions at home and abroad, our company actively integrated into interational marketing network and cooperated in research and development, prodcuing and selling.

We were told by Smiling Curve theory that the added value in the industry chain is mainly reflected on design and sales of two ends of the Smiling Curve. The manufacturing added value in the middle link is the lowest, and staying at the bottom of the Smiling Curve for a long time is the pain point of many small and medium-sized enterprises in China. Our company will focus on two ends of the Smiling Curve., that is, exploring transformation and upgrading of business model through research, development and selling channel while expanding overseas markets.

Last year, our marketing placement aboard achieved initial results. Our products are exported to five continents, including America, Turkey, Jordan, Algeria, India, Iraq, Russia, Vietnam and so on.

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